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Cable/Pipe Mixed Penetration Products

We've outdone ourselves with the new RISE/NOFIRNO® Multi All-Mix Penetrations. Due to market demand, Beele/CSD has just developed, tested and approved an application which allows cables, metallic and/or plastic pipes to pass through the same penetration. We're the first ones to accomplish this, and no other product can make this claim!

Imagine the flexibility and space savings afforded by this application. Now, instead of fighting over valuable bulkhead or deck space, the electrical and piping disciplines can work together in peaceful harmony - not stealing each other's space. Future cable or pipe runs can be added with ease.

One product - unlimited possibilities and solutions, designed to perform today, tomorrow and for the entire service life of your installation. We do it all without metal parts and mineral wool. Safety?it's in our blood.

Explore our solution for cable & pipe mixed penetrations:

RISE/NOFIRNO Pipe Penetrations