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High Pressure Seals

Beele/CSD is the innovator in the passive fire protection and watertight sealing business. We see problems in the market and hit them head on, always looking to improve safety at sea.

When a hurricane hit the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago, it caused substantial damage to several offshore platforms. One brand-new platform almost sank, due - in part, to catastrophic failure of multi-cable transits that were exposed to flooding and high pressure in the columns of this platform. Beele/CSD immediately went to work to develop a product that could withstand the substantial dynamic pressure of a disastrous event, and then maintain its sealing power to withstand the static pressure that will often follow. The results of this innovative thinking resulted in the development of the DYNATITE® High-Pressure Sealing System.

Based on the high-tech rubber grade and the engineered profiling, the DYNATITE® System actually gets tighter as the pressure increases. Tested to pressures up to 10 bar (150 psi), the system can be used for both cable and pipe applications, and is perfect for columns in offshore platforms and ballistic/collision bulkheads in vessels.

Explore our solution for high-pressure sealing requirements:

DYNATITE High-Pressure Seals