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DYNATITE® High Pressure Seals

The DYNATITE® High Pressure Sealing System was developed for vulnerable areas that may experience severe instantaneous pressure caused by explosions, flooding or other disasters. The high-tech design of DYNATITE® actually allows the system to get tighter as the pressure increases. DYNATITE® was specially developed for application in columns in semi-submersible offshore rigs, following incidents where traditional cable transit systems suffered catastrophic failure under high pressure. There's nothing else like DYNATITE® to protect your critical systems and areas.


Features of DYNATITE® High Pressure Seals include:

  • Tested to withstand pressures of 10 bar (145 psi)
  • Approved for cables or pipes
  • Based on SLIPSIL® and NOFIRNO® technology
  • Adapts to withstand static pressure immediately after dynamic pressure
  • Plugs are compressible and will return to their original shape after shock pressure
  • Wide temperature range - works at temperatures from -50o C to +180o C (-58o F to +320o F)
  • Age tested to withstand up to 20 years service life
  • Ideal for ballistic bulkheads on Navy ships, and any areas where flooding would be disastrous
Click here for the DYNATITE® High Pressure Seals Catalog.